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Custom Asyncs for Tournaments and Communities

NameDescriptionNumber of Seeds
AVIANART 2023 MMMM - No GlitchesMike's Mournful Mystery Medley! Mystery with sliders instead of percentages - NotSlow preset5
AVIANART 2023 True Pot Hunt - No GlitchesCrosskeys and Pottery Lottery to find so many Triforce pieces. The classic.5
AVIANART 2023 Trinity - No GlitchesPedestal goal. And Ganon goal. And TFH goal. Pick one.5
AVIANART 2023 Pots and Bones - No GlitchesImagine if everything dropped stuff. TFH with pottery lottery, mobbery robbery, crosskeys5
AVIANART 2023 Invertacrismizer - No GlitchesInverted. Enemizer. Ludicrous Speed.5
Enemizer Tournament 2024Enemizer with Chaos Boss Shuffle (all 13 boss slots are randomized against what can spawn in that arena)10
216 Presents Co-Op Crosskeys 2024Crosskeys, 100% Locations, Co-Op Info Share20
SGL Boots 2023 AsyncsCasual Boots with SGL 'Hard' Item Pool10
League Season 6 - Co-Op RetranceRetro Crosskeys with starting sword6
Co-Op Enemizer - Specky Allowed - League Season 6Info Share Co-Op (Voice Call only, no stream viewing) Enemizer w/ starting boots10
Crosskeys - Specky Allowed - League Season 6Crossed Entrance Keysanity - 100% Locations10
Champions Ganonhunt - Specky Allowed - League Season 6Ganon Vulnerable on 2 Triforce pieces - Pedestal, Pyramid Fairy, and GT Basement - 5 Crystals to enter GT10
Spoiler Keysanity - Specky Allowed - League Season 6Pilot Spoiler Keysanity - Runner gets seed, pilot gets spoiler!10
AAD Keysanity - Specky Allowed - League Season 6Almost All Dungeons - Open Keysanity with GT Big Key on Pedestal10
Casual Boots - Specky Allowed - League Season 6Standard with Starting Sword and Boots10
Hundo Keysanity Ladder PracticeOpen Keysanity - Ganon Vulnerable at 216/216 checks - FastROM Enhanced5
Co-Op All Dungeons - Specky Allowed - League Season 6Info Share Co-Op (Voice Call only, no stream viewing) All Dungeons10
Season 6 League AsyncsLeague Season 6 Asyncs70
Casual Boots TournamentCasual Boots Tournament 2023 - From Asyncs CB-1 to CB-2020