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Featured Modes - dungeons - openboots_enemizer - spoiler keysanity - sglive2023 - retrance 1-20
DateRaceTime RoomModeSeed LinkHashDescriptionPermalink (Submit/View Times Here)Players
2023-12-08lucky-chestturn-5744spoiler keysanitySeed LinkMushroom Tunic Bugnet Compass Hammer ALTTPR Open League Season 6 - ph112358 vs. miendiem - Pass the Picanha (TM)_Ed Was Supposed To Carry Us_Game 2_Pilot - Restream(s) at SpeedGaming5 - 57450 - Link to SpoilerPermalink2
2023-12-03brainy-quake-3728retranceSeed LinkQuake Boomerang Heart Shield Book Retrance Pick-Up RacePermalink15
2023-11-23critical-oldman-9536dungeonsSeed LinkTunic Cape Mirror Cape Quake All DungeonsPermalink16
2023-11-21fearless-bottle-5324retranceSeed LinkHammer Ether Hookshot Lamp Heart SpeedGaming Daily Race Series - Retrance at 9:00 PM Eastern on S...Permalink14
2023-11-19eager-link-0021sglive2023Seed LinkQuake Quake Shovel Book Flippers GMP Weekly Event. SGL 2023 settingsPermalink6
2023-11-14funky-armosknight-0517retranceSeed LinkPendant Mushroom Compass Ether Ice Rod CO-OP - Retrance PracticePermalink14
2023-11-08neutral-eastern-2512sglive2023Seed LinkMap Big Key Mushroom Tunic Ice Rod Permalink4
2023-11-08amazing-plando-3952sglive2023Seed LinkFlute Shield Heart Pendant Bombos Permalink6
2023-11-08banzai-mazerace-1072retranceSeed LinkSomaria Boots Boomerang Compass Quake CO-OP - Coop retrance practicePermalink6
2023-11-07graceful-mushroom-8348sglive2023Seed LinkQuake Book Flute Flute Shield Mog's Manic Monday - SGL Boots! 8:15 EST start time. - mode defi...Permalink10
2023-11-07sublime-sahasrahla-2157sglive2023Seed LinkMushroom Boomerang Bombs Gloves Bow sglive2023Permalink2
2023-11-07trusty-firerod-4462sglive2023Seed LinkBombs Compass Flippers Shovel Hookshot SGLCasboots 2023Permalink2
2023-11-06disco-zorasdomain-9288sglive2023Seed LinkMoon Pearl Moon Pearl Bow Empty Bottle Mushroom Permalink2
2023-11-06lazy-link-5291sglive2023Seed LinkMagic Powder Hammer Tunic Mushroom Bombos SGL PresetPermalink5
2023-11-03sleepy-pod-7903sglive2023Seed LinkGreen Potion Lamp Tunic Shovel Mushroom Casual Boots Pickup Race at 9PM EDTPermalink3
2023-11-03neutral-mearl-8359sglive2023Seed LinkBugnet Hammer Lamp Tunic Compass Permalink3
2023-11-02lazy-ganon-0678sglive2023Seed LinkSomaria Gloves Heart Shield Hookshot Casual Boots Pickup Race at 9PM EDTPermalink7
2023-11-02crafty-agahnim-2796retranceSeed LinkHammer Pendant Bow Pendant Hammer CO-OP - co op retrancePermalink4
2023-11-02sunken-hyrulecastle-5645sglive2023Seed LinkBig Key Heart Quake Flute Quake Permalink5
2023-10-31silly-ganonstower-8529openboots_enemizerSeed LinkHookshot Ice Rod Ether Heart Mushroom CO-OP - coop enemizer bootsPermalink10

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